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QCC - Introduction and Print Manager

Location: Computer Lab
Date: July 12, 2023
Time: 9:00 AM - 12:00 PM
Hosted by: Frankie Suarez

This training is for QCC users only.

This training session is designed to give you an overview of the basics of the QCC software program. In particular, it will focus on:
- Logging in (your QSS ID and password) and logging out safely & securely
- The Tree View and menus available to you
- Selecting districts and fiscal years (if applicable)
- The Job Menu, used to run reports & data processes
- The QCC Print Manager, from which you will print reports and results of processes
- Exporting reports to other formats, such as PDF or Microsoft Excel (.xlsx)
- Using Download Presets to manipulate the data in your reports and extract particular fields or areas
- An overview of the basic financial reports, allowing you to see account activity at-a-glance, and a typical Download Preset that may be utilized


July 12, 2023
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There are no fees associated with this event.