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EquAALS Resource Links

A crowd-sourced list of resources shared during the module by participants, teachers, and leaders. 


The Noun Project  - icons for anything
Chrome Accessibility Apps Plug Ins - apps that make using a chrome browser more accessible for everyone
Communication Bill of Rights (printable poster for your classroom) by the Joint Committee for the Communication Needs of Persons with Severe Disabilities 
Declaration of the Rights of All Students to Equity in Arts Learning by Create California
Good Fonts for People with Dyslexia - peer reviewed article citing fonts
California Arts Education Data Project - data about access to the arts in CA
Which One Doesn't Belong? - a great way to help build analysis skills
Visualizing and Verbalizing Program for Cognitive Development, Comprehension, and Thinking 
The Calm Schools Initiative - free mindfulness training
Read Naturally - Research-based reading interventions
Screencast-O-Matic - use to create screencasts of you reading books aloud (tutorial here)
Read & Write Google Chrome Extension - provides personalized support to make files more accessible
What's Going on in This Picture?   - using visual literacy to read a news image

Universal Design for Learning

CAST - Universal Design for Learning
UDL Learning Goal Nameplate Template
What Where Barrier Game

Sketchnotes Resources

Sketchnotes Professional Development (developed based on interest from the EquAALS Workshop)
Sketchnotes in the Classroom - how to get started with sketchnotes in your classroom 
Sketchnotes in the Elementary Classroom 
The Sketchnote Handbook by Mike Rhodes
How to Sketchnote: A Manual for Teachers and Students by Sylvia Duckworth
The Art of Visual Notetaking by Emily Mills
Nerdy Numbers - vetted Teachers Pay Teachers seller with doodle bundles for Math learning


EquAALS Module Recommended Reading List of PD Books and Books for Students (137 titles listed)
EquAALS Bookstore List for Teachers (these books were given to teachers)
EquAALS Bookstore List for Districts (these books were given to districts to distribute)
Iris Center Exhaustive List of Children's Books Portrayals of People with Disabilities (listed by disability)
12 of the Best Children's Books Apps
Scholastic's List of the Best Reading and Books Apps for Kids


Islamic Stained Glass Windows
A New Bed for Goldilocks
Eric Carle Grouchy Ladybugs
Free Arts Integrated Lessons from SCOE

Even More Tools (Beyond the Miguel Kit)

EazyHold Utensil Holders
Foam Tubing for Utensils
Ceramic Scissors (safer than metal scissors; do not cut flesh)
Scissor Mouse
Dual Control Training Scissors
Table Top Scissors
Koopy Spring Scissors
Not Your Ordinary Crayons (slick and easy to use for those who have a hard time applying pressure)
Dab and Dot Markers 


Chatterpix iPad and iPhone
PuppetMaster (overview video) iPad
PiskelApp iPad, PC, and Chromebook
Toontastic (overview video) iPad, and most recent version of Chromebook 
Timeline by Read Write Think iPad, PC, and Chromebook 
Pixlr PC and Chromebook
12 of the Best Children's Books Apps various platforms
Scholastic's List of the Best Reading and Books Apps for Kids various platforms
Imaengine (vector app) iPad and iPhone