Principal Arts Leadership Award


PAL 2019-2020

Nominations for the 2019-2020 school-year will open in November 2019. 

PAL Winners 2018-2019

Carol Lubinsky
Central Valley High School, Ceres Unified School District
Mrs. Lubinksy is supportive of holistic learning and she sees the importance of including all students in the learning process. She sees that the creative process in the arts (Dance, Music, Visual Arts, Performing Arts, and Media Arts) is accessible in other subject areas and realizes the importance of the connections made with all subject areas. Creative thinking and the process happening within our classrooms instills confidence in students and she sees that to be relevant in other content areas. Every supply, uniform, prop, script, you name it-- from consumable materials to providing a space or field trip for an event has happened for Visual Arts, Music, Performing Arts and Media Arts this year! Mrs. Lubinsky has also connected us to opportunity posts within the community. Provided funding for frames and entry fees for student artwork in shows. She has an open door to requests of wants and needs from our department. She also has provided many opportunities for professional development for our teachers, across the board.”

Tricia Tariku
Margaret L. Annear School, Stanislaus County Office of Education
Tricia includes every single student at her school site and sets the tone for an expectation of participation. Off site, she supports students that are deaf participating in all art disciplines. She has even brought in dojo drummers to allow the students to "hear" the music through the vibration of the drums. Three times per year, she hosts family events at her site that not only have art projects for children to do during the event but to encourage families to participate. She works with a committee to maintain that the art activities are accessible and from resources that are natural or readily available to all families without an economic expense. Many times, the activities are "take home" projects as well to encourage families to do more or complete art at home with the philosophy that it's not about the completed project, it's about the process and empowering the families to infuse art opportunities at home! Music and Dance are the areas that she has been most impactful at her school site. Weekly music and movement classes include typically developing students, children with Autism, students that are deaf and even the most medically fragile and multiply handicapped. This class is accessible for all and includes students with a variety of needs in each session. It is amazing to witness the joy!”

Sandra Villaseñor​
Las Palmas Elementary School, Patterson Unified School District
One innovative method Ms. Villaseñor​ has used to make art vibrant on our campus is in our art classes. Last year one of our classes painted rocks with positive, motivational messages and hid them throughout the school, allowing others to find them and make their day brighter. Some students re-hid the rocks to pass on the motivation while others took them home to cherish them. Art has given students a voice on our campus and it is a beautiful thing to experience. Our exploration classes encompass a broad range of discipline from robotics to engineering; yet the classes with an overwhelming number of students who want to enroll continue to be our art classes; the relaxation, joy, and incorporation to the standards that they provide make it an enjoyable experience. Meanwhile, our dance and theater classes, continue to surprise us as the timid students who often dread being called upon in class, flourish with confidence as they take the stage

PAL Winners 2017-2018

Trish Anderson
Eisenhut Elementary School, Stanislaus Union School District
Mrs. Anderson has been instrumental in many ways developing art opportunities in her school. These opportunities are widely varied and support many forms of art. She was instrumental in the planning of the music schedule and pushed her students to join the band and choir. Even before our district offered choir district-wide, she ventured out and brought in a retired teacher to offer choir to her students in an after-school setting. When Mrs. Anderson came to Eisenhut, the school was not offering many performing art productions for students or parents. In the last five years, Mrs. Anderson has reestablished these productions at many grade levels. Eisenhut’s productions now include their Veterans Day Performance, Winter Performance, Spring Sing, and Eisenhut’s Got Talent. They have even had classes perform musicals, Including 3 Piggy Opera and Three Little Pigs. She also encourages and provides funding for students to attend quality performances at Gallo Center for the Arts and The State Theater

Terri Bell
Curtis Creek Elementary School, Curtis Creek School District
Terri Bell's continuous support of the arts has been a driving force in Curtis Creek's various offerings to students over the years, including GATE and Enrichment classes, Band, Choral Music, Classroom Music, visual art classes, and special projects. Art Education is important to Mrs. Bell! Terri has spoken at board meetings promoting the hiring of an artist who completed on two mural projects where all our students participated. She is our schools representative for the county Arts Alliance as well as their secretary. Terri continues to support our music program for K-4 in spite of budget cuts. Any kind of art supply, I can always count on Terri purchasing for my classroom. Terri created an arts curriculum and traveled from kindergarten class to class teaching the kids. Terri is very active in pursuing art exposure to all K-8 students at our school. She has brought in artists, represents our school with Art Alliance and is also the Secretary for them as well. She has brought in local artists and muralists to work with our children. Terri is very supportive of all of our teachers in bringing art, music, and drama to our school.”

Dr. Laura Fong
Dennis Earl Elementary School, Turlock Unified School District
Dr. Fong invites teachers to provide diversified and engaging curriculum for our students and encourages us as Arts educators to pursue professional development opportunities. She takes a real interest in our daily activities and is always open to facilitating the learning of teachers as well as students. Whether, we need art or music supplies, instruments, or are interested in pursuing further training, Dr. Fong is open to ideas and is invested in helping us provide the best, well-rounded education possible for all students in our school. Having such strong administrative support for our arts programs has allowed us to implement and maintain a comprehensive music program in our school. Students come to weekly music lessons, and the community that is built through shared musical experiences transcend the walls of the classroom. A sense of teamwork shared responsibility and community is fostered by students throughout the school. The Arts thrive at Dennis Earl Elementary as evidenced by the quality artwork that lines our hallways, and numerous school performances that showcase the musical talents of our students. This quality of Arts education at our school is made possible by the strong, supportive leadership of our administrator, Dr. Laura Fong.

Joseph Martinez
Fremont/Lopez Elementary Schools, Stockton Unified School District
Mr. Martinez has helped support our school to use the arts to turnaround our school by being open to all the arts. We have lower suspensions, absences, and problems by using the arts to motivate our students. We have included the arts in the classroom by using our Turnaround Arts Grant for the last 4 years, Arts Integration, VTS, and AVID. We now have 5 pathways for Grades 5-8th and the TK-4 get a rotation of music, art, and dance. We even have traveling performance groups that have gone all over to perform, even to Washington DC. If it wasn't for his support and work we would have never come as far as we have. He sends teachers to training to integrate the arts, we hold multiple showcases, art nights and more. We have even added murals to our campus and community art projects. He fully supports the arts, teacher do not have to hide it. We celebrate it. If you come to our campus you can see the arts come alive.

Michael Moore
Oakdale High School, Oakdale Joint Unified School District
Mr. Moore makes sure the community and school board recognizes student achievements in the Arts at Oakdale High School. He facilitates the resources needed to create a strong and vibrant Arts program within the Oakdale Joint Unified School District. Mr. Moore has been continuously supportive by allocating appropriate resources to the VAPA department to provide students with the best learning experiences. As the VAPA department is planning a new Arts event at Oakdale High School this year, Mr. Moore has been very supportive. He is providing the resources needed and advocating with advertisements and communication to ensure this will be a successful event.

Isaias Rumayor, Jr.
Norman N. Glick Middle School, Empire Union School District
Before Mr. Rumayor became principal at our school, the artistic landscape was fairly barren. We had a few dedicated teachers who gave amply of their time and effort to put on a yearly play or yearly concert, but there were meager artistic opportunities offered to the majority of our students. Two years ago, all of that changed. Mr. Rumayor became the new principal at our school, and he brought with him, not only a personal appreciation for the arts but a contagious certainty that the arts are instrumental to the academic and social development of students. With practically his first breath as our new administrator, he began talking about forming dance teams, holding dinner theaters, creating artistic elective classes like robotics and drama, expanding the art elective program, funding field trips to concerts and plays, bringing in professional, semi-professional, and amateur artist to perform or speak, funding public performances for our visual and performing arts students, facilitating clubs and after-school classes that support the arts such as floral arranging, gardening, photography, newspaper etc. I truly believe that Mr. Rumayor’s passion for the importance of the arts has permanently changed the dynamic of our school as well as the lives of many of our students.