EquAALS Project

The EquAALS project has concluded. Stay tuned for information about project findings!


Stanislaus County Office of Education is a 2018-2019 recipient of a $1 million CDE Student Support and Academic Enrichment (SSAE) grant. The SCOE SSAE grant is a project called, Equitable Access to Arts Learning for Students (EquAALS). The purpose of the EquAALS project is to rigorously utilize research-based art integration strategies to enhance the achievement and cognitive growth in English Language Arts of Students with Disabilities (SWD) through a professional development (PD) module for Transitional Kindergarten through 8th Grade teachers of SWD. Participating teachers receive a kit of materials to put the PD strategies into place in their classrooms, and a $200 stipend for completion of the module. 

EquAALS 3-Hour Professional Development Module

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What Educators Are Saying About the EquAALS Module


What does the EquAALS professional development module consist of?
- 3 hours of training regarding ELA and Visual Art strategies to support SWD learning
- 1 Materials Kit / participating teacher consisting of supplies needed to put the strategies to work in the classroom 
- Teacher participation in at least 2 online chats designed to provide ongoing support and opportunities for collaboration 

Who can sign up for the EquAALS professional development module?
- TK-8th grade credentialed teachers in Stanislaus County
- TK-8th grade Special Education teachers
- TK-8th grade teachers of SWD; this is ALL teachers since all teach SWD (general education, language teachers, arts teachers, PE teachers etc.)

What does the EquAALS professional development cost?
- Nothing; this is a free service for teachers of SWD in Stanislaus County

Is there a stipend for participating teachers?
- A $200 credit is available for participating teachers who complete the module and the online chats

When and where does the EquAALS professional development module take place? 
- After school hours at Stanislaus COE
- Depending on the district, during school hours as part of existing PD time

How many times will the EquAALS professional development module be offered?
- The module will be offered many times between March - September 2019 


Amy Bultena      VAPA/STEAM Coordinator 
abultena [ahtsym] stancoe [dhotsym] org   209-238-1337